Escape Room Software: 4 Tools for Boosting Your Business

The control centre of your escape rooms lies within Escape Room software. Using it, the Game Master can significantly influence the amount of fun players have with the room. But which functions is the program responsible for? Which other programs do you need to run an escape room successfully, and are there cost-efficient alternatives?

Looking closely into what purpose each piece of software serves, keep reading ahead to discover more about:

  • Escape room software for room control
  • Escape room booking systems
  • Software for escape room marketing
  • HR programs to manage employees

It all starts with the Escape Room software for room control

So, your Escape Room has been set-up – all it needs now is a game plan. If that’s the case, then this is where the control software for Escape Rooms comes into play. With this handy tool, you can configure puzzles, as well as determine when events are triggered, and visual and special effects are active in the room. Usually with many providers of Escape Room software, you can take over the room management completely yourself or choose from predefined settings.

Once the software has been setup, the Escape Room Software runs in the background and is controlled by the Game Master. It can watch players’ progress, give them tips, play custom sounds and much more. In this way, the Game Master can even influence the difficulty of the game – if players are having an easy time solving puzzles, adding custom obstacles will surely stunt their progress.

The best-known providers on the market include Escape Room Supplier, Hintpad and Houdini MC. Of course, other providers are available via Google.

No customers without a booking system

Once your Escape Rooms have been established, you need the last, and most important, ingredient for the recipe for success – customers. The best way to draw people in is to enable online bookings. In 2020, the functionality to make appointments directly via a website is a necessity.

The UX and consumer journey are the two biggest aspects to concentrate on here. Your availability should be visible at a glance and bookable with a click on the desired date and time.

During the check-out process, you must give the users the exact price. You should also ask for personal data such as name, email address and, if applicable, mobile phone number in order to be able to send them an order confirmation. Your Escape Room software for online bookings should also support multiple payment systems. The most common include PayPal, debit/credit card, and instant transfer.

In most countries, it’s also mandatory to inform users about your general terms and conditions before buying. These must be available on your website. By clicking on a box, users confirm that they have read the general terms and conditions.

Booking system providers for Escape Rooms include bookingkit, SimplyBook and bookeo. Programs like this can also prove useful for paintball and laser tag operators as well as for event agencies.

Widen Your Fanbase With Clever Marketing

Once the wheels are in motion and your business is up and running, of course some cash will be flowing in. However, have you thought of a way to stay in touch with your customers? Try to reengage them? There is already specialised Escape Room software for this. Using these tools, you can easily take photos of your players, add your logo and post the pictures on your social media channels.

The software should also have a function to store the contact details of your players. This goes hand-in-hand with the players giving their consent, that you may use the data for marketing purposes – to send them emails, post the photo of them mentioned above and more. The declaration of consent is completely paperless. The players make their signature digitally on a device, or by simply clicking a box.

Poor signal in your area? That shouldn’t be a problem. The program will work without an internet connection, and all of the data will be uploaded once you are in an area with a sturdy connection.

With the Escape Room Marketing Software, there are also capabilities to automatically send your customers your photo after the game and ask them to rate you. Whether on Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor – reviews are valuable on all portals. Incidentally, here we have summarised even more marketing tips for Escape Rooms.

Marketing software for Escape Rooms include Buzzshot and Glam Cam.

Not to be underestimated: the personnel expenses

The bigger your Escape Room business gets, the more employees you need. Most of your employees will likely be Game Masters. Game Masters look after the guests, handle the Escape Room Software, and prepare the rooms to be played again once they have been turned upside down.

Game Masters are often part-time workers who work 10 to 20 hours a week. For an Escape Room with four rooms, you already need around 30 Game Masters. Coordinating so many employees takes a lot of planning. Therefore, sooner or later, as an Escape Room operator, you will not be able to avoid professional personnel management software.

Your Escape Room HR management software should cover the following areas:

  • Support in the recruiting process
  • Wage and salary processing
  • Creation of a (digital) employee record
  • Rota planning
  • Management of vacations and absences

HR software providers for escape rooms include HeavenHR, TSheets and Deputy.

An alternative that requires less effort (but adds sales potential)

Regardless of whether you already operate an established Escape Room or are thinking about starting your own business in the event and entertainment area, don’t underestimate the effort and the necessary investments. Why not have a think about looking into this cost-effective alternative? If you already operate an established Escape Room, it can also be a great way to expand your business.

Cluetivity offers three Outdoor Escape Games and various indoor games that you can adapt to your needs with little effort. Each game consists of its own story and varied puzzles. Thanks to the customisation options, you are pre-equipped for team building, recruiting and company events, congresses, product placement, gamification and many other areas – all from the get-go.

Running in 200 locations in over 35 countries, there is availability for Cluetivity’s games to be played globally.

Cluetivity is a great product. We reached break-even in a very short time and are now generating additional sales. In addition, the cluetivity team offers excellent support and continuously improves the product. We are very excited!

Uli Billon from EPOCA (Cluetivity Partner in Munich)

Are you looking for an innovative way to expand your business? Feel free to contact us here!

Expand Your Business Opportunities

With Cluetivity’s ready-to-play games, you can offer immersive live escape games with Augmented Reality for B2B and B2C customers.

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