Customize Your Games

With Cluetivity you can customize our pre defined games easily to your location and needs, without any programming skills! With our easy to use Online Editor you create your own scenarios, riddles, routes, stories and games in a few hours. Upload images and videos, use pre-defined Augmented Reality Interactions and thrilling minigames and you are ready to engage your customers.

Interaction between players

In our new Cluetivity Outdoor Escape Game Blackout we are introducing for the first time a new feature, where players can directly interact with each other. Every team is equipped with one iPad. In our new game, players can steal money from other players and stop them in time. This adds an exciting additional layer to the Cluetivity Gameplay. 

Endless Possibilities

Customization has never been so easy! Add and edit puzzles in a few minutes and customize games to your use cases. Track the team progress live in the Online Operator and show the final highscore to your players. Manage Remote Team Games from the backend and organize events with hundreds of participants in no time at all. Easily add White Label Options and give your games your corporate identity.

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