A Lucrative Challenge: B2B events with more than 1,000 people

B2B events can cause sales to soar. However, many leisure providers and escape rooms struggle to attract corporations as customers. Intrigued by their success, we sat down with Richard Toquet of CBR Team Building – a popular event and team building agency based in Paris, France.

Many escape rooms, event agencies, and other activity providers spend of most their time being reasonably busy, complimented by stable sales from the B2C market. But what if they could significantly increase their sales with just one additional event a year? If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity, you would be a fool to pass up on it. All you need is the right products and services on offer to host large B2B events.

What does B2B mean?

B2B stands for “Business to Business”, meaning that one company works with another. This is also the case with CBR Team Building. The Paris-based company develops team building activities, seminars, and parties for other companies. The agency offers both indoor and outdoor B2B events directly on site at the customer’s premises, at various locations throughout Paris, or as a city rally with a Tuk Tuk. A considerable amount of the activities function with an iPad, loaded with Cluetivity’s augmented reality technology. Despite being a company that thrives from the help of innovative technology, CBR Team Building did not always rely on digital measures.

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The agency was founded in 1993 under the title Compagnie des Balades Rallyes. At the time of their inception, there were not many B2B event providers in France. Founder, Patrick Victor, wanted to close a gap in the market, and did so with great success. CBR Team Building today organises more than 500 events a year. Regular customers include large companies from Paris and the surrounding regions, with clientele including Google, Mercedes-Benz, Hermes, BNP Paribas, and Accor Hotels.

Richard Toquet organises b2b events with Cluetivity.

In addition to catering for these key players in business, CBR Team Building also offers events for smaller companies. “We’ve just launched a new project called ‘Happiness Hour’ specifically for small businesses,” says Richard Toquet – the agency’s business director and creative mind when it comes to developing new team building formats and games. “You can sign up and engage in activities together or against teams from other small businesses. The costs of the events are even shared between the companies.”

“Colleagues should celebrate success together”

Over the years, Toquet and his colleagues have built a reputation in Paris and beyond. “The requirements of corporate customers are fundamentally different from those of private customers,” explains Toquet. It starts with the fact that the target group is particularly varied at a business event. “The participants are not necessarily friends – they are colleagues. For them to grow together as a team, they must celebrate success together. That’s why we don’t make games where they can fail.”

CBR Team Building offers over 10 different team games. From the 5-sense challenge in which the participants put their sensory skills to the test, to a sporty outdoor Olympic challenge, even extending to the augmented reality escape game, everything is included. Cluetivity plays a crucial role in many of the games, particularly our agent thriller game, Operation Mindfall, which has proven to be popular with many B2B clients.

1,600 players in Operation Mindfall? Not a problem!

“We have been a Cluetivity partner since 2016 and are enthusiastic about the collaboration,” says Toquet. In addition to combining modern augmented reality technology with geotargeting, the event experts make use of the versatile application possibilities and individualisation options. “I have customised Operation Mindfall for many of our customers. It’s good to know that with the game, I can serve pretty much any customer request.” Whether 20 or 2,000 participants, Operation Mindfall is always an option.

Are you inspired by Richard Toquet to organise B2B events with 20, 200, or even 2,000 players? We are happy to help you!

Richard often hosts large groups at his Cluetivity games team events. Events with 500 people are not uncommon. Their largest B2B event drew in 1,600 participants. “We had 145 iPads in use and had the players launch in three waves of 80 teams, every 10 minutes. It was a huge challenge”. With 20 employees, CBR Team Building was on site to organise everything. “Our team is very experienced in receiving and supporting the participants. This is important, because companies expect a high quality of service during an event.”

In November 2019, CBR Team Building were the recipients of a coveted award – the HEAVENT Paris Innovation Award – for their B2B events with Operation Mindfall. “This is a great honour for us and confirms that we offer the best augmented reality GPS games in France,” says Toquet.

Learn From the Professionals – 3 Top Tips

You can now benefit from Toquet’s experience. Whilst his advice is suited to event agencies, his knowledge is easily applicable to escape rooms, and other business types.

Tip 1: Use every possible channel to draw attention to you!

“In order to attract corporate customers, you have to take action yourself. Talk about your achievements and benefits wherever you can – at events, on your website, on social media, in online ads and where else is possible. Since it is sometimes difficult to understand the benefits of Operation Mindfall immediately, a trailer is a good idea. I made this video and it’s become our best seller!”

Tip 2: Work with only the best!

“In the B2B area, every request is special, and each customer needs their own, individual solution. Our employees need to understand the needs of companies and respond to them in a manner that suits their organisation. If an event takes place in a factory with strict safety rules, you must be able to tailor the program to it. If we have a request for 500 people to play with our games, there must be no chaos. We are ready to go, right from the start.”

Tip 3: Find your unique selling point!

“As competition increases, it is becoming increasingly important to find a unique selling point. For us, it’s actually the quality of our offers that distinguishes us. However, we also aim to always offer our customers the best price. Therefore, we usually make-do without expensive props and actors at our B2B events. We think that people themselves are the most important part of a team building event. No matter what game we play, or what problem we want to solve, the participants will end up remembering how they’ve strengthened their relationships with their colleagues. Truly making happiness cannot be digitised.”

Secure your unique selling point. Send us a message and learn more about our Outdoor Escape Games.

Photos provided by CBR Team Building

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