Created in Berlin.
Played Enthusiastically by People All Over the World.

What Is Cluetivity 

The Company

Cluetivity is dedicated to bringing interactive experiences to every place in the world. Founded in 2006 as a developer of GPS-based games, the company is now one of the leading providers of location-based experiences and augmented reality team games, with more than 200 partner locations in over 35 countries globally. The software and games platform is successfully used by companies from the leisure, tourism and events sectors to host memorable events for their customers.





The Team

At Cluetivity, we are creating the future of location-based entertainment and mobile games. Our international team is a dynamic and experienced group of motivated and talented people with a global vision and the desire to create the best location-based gaming software ever. For further development and international expansion, we are strengthening all areas and are looking for active contributors with fresh ideas, commitment and passion. Whether in our head office in Berlin or remote – we offer a wide range of options. If that sounds exciting, take a look at our available positions.

The Founders

Michal Schiemann

Founder and CEO

Michael is responsible for the strategic vision of the company. He identifies new business and market opportunities in order to ensure the growth of the company. Michael has a degree in Business Administration (FH) and in International Business.

Robert Wendel

Founder and CTO

Robert is responsible for driving the development of our augmented reality games and outdoor escape software. As CTO, he is also our “Master of the Code”. He has a degree in Digital Media and Technology.

How It Began

The Early Days

It’s 11pm on 23rd December 2006 in Bautzen, a small town in eastern Germany. In a parking lot, where there’s usually nothing going on at this time, there is instead a lot of activity: Almost 100 agents are gathered – one of the first Outdoor Escape Games in Germany is about to start! It was organized by the Life Action Games founders Michal Schiemann and Tobias Bartosch.

 The story of the game was inspired by “James Bond – Casino Royale”. “We saw the film and thought it would be great to experience it in real life,” Michal recalls.

 No sooner said than done! “We continued to spin the James Bond story and created a scavenger hunt-like adventure game in the city for our friends. Just before the game, we called all our friends, told them that James Bond had gone into hiding with a suitcase of money after his coup at Casino Royale in Bautzen. All agents will meet on December 23rd at a secret location in Bautzen to find James Bond. The team that finds him first will be allowed to keep the suitcase full of money. Two hours before the start, we sent the starting location to our friends.”

 To the astonishment of the two outdoor fans, the parking lot was full of people on the evening of the game. “We looked at each other and said: Oh My God, what have we done?!” From that day on, the world was no longer the same. Each time, more and more people came to the events, and soon there were hundreds of players.

 Although it took until 2010 before Cluetivity was founded, the business idea of the Outdoor Escape Games was already born.

 Started as a hobby, Cluetivity is now one of the leading providers of GPS and augmented reality team games with more than 200 partners in more than 35 countries.

The Milestones


With The Last Secret, Cluetivity releases their third game. Magic Portal receives a major update to take it to the next level of AR gaming.


More than one million people worldwide have played Cluetivity games.


Cluetivity breaks the 200 partner mark. The company also releases a completely revised version of its flagship title Operation Mindfall and opens a branch office in the USA (Montana).


Operation Mindfall

The second game – Operation Mindfall – is launched and exceeds all expectations.


Magic Portal

Life Action Games GmbH launches the Cluetivity brand and releases their first game – Magic Portal.


Robert Wendel becomes partner and CTO of Life Action Games GmbH.


Michal Schiemann founds Life Action Games GmbH.