The 5 Best Youtube Playlists for New Escape Room Ideas

We’ve searched all over YouTube to find the best videos with ideas for escape room puzzles and decoration. As a result, we found 5 playlists, giving fantastic inspiration, instructions and insights into escape room manufacturing. 

The Technology Behind the Escape Room Ideas

How do you build microcontrollers? How do you integrate light dependent resistors into your Escape Room puzzles? And what do you need to create a pincode puzzle yourself?

Alastair Atchinson clarifies these and other questions in “Playful Technology”. His Youtube channel is a great place to go for those who want to implement their escape room ideas themselves.

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Alastair explains in detail what equipment you need, how to connect switches, cables etc. and anything else you need to know.

However, you’ll need to take some time to look through his playlist Escape Room Tech Puzzles. Some of his videos are over 30 minutes long. Nevertheless, you will learn a a lot on his channel!

The Top Dog Among the Escape Room Manufacturers

Of course Indestroom should not be missing from this list. The manufacturer of turnkey escape rooms presents its gadgets, puzzles and decoration in a Youtube playlist comprising more than 350 videos. You’ll get lots of ideas for your own Escape Rooms. But of course there are no instructions to build those things on your own.

Manufacturing Props With Passion and Detailed Instructions

Great instructions to recreate replicas and costumes from famous video games, TV shows and movies: Punished Props Academy wants to empower its followers to improve their crafting skills. You probably might even be able to get one or two ideas for your Escape Room on their channel.

On the YouTube channel you will find several playlists, including one for beginners, one for advanced and one for experts. In addition to the instructions, the playlists also contain tutorials on the use of tools, for example a laser cutter.

Special extra: On its website the Punished Props Academy offers free blueprints for download.

Escape Room and Haunted House Products

Evilusions builds Escape Room props and also entire rooms. In his Youtube Playlist, the provider offers insights into his products.

Similar to Indestroom you can collect ideas for your Escape Room or contact the manufacturer if you like his props.

Important if you watch the videos from Evilusions: Turn on your sound! Otherwise you might miss the owner explaining how the puzzles work.

Escape Room Ideas also for Children

EcoDecor presents its puzzles and props in short videos. You can collect more Escape Room ideas in the playlist or of course buy the puzzles from the manufacturer.

What did we like in particular? A puzzle with a pink monster, marshmallows and a telephone.

Would you like to know which escape room themes are most popular among players? Just head over to our blog post and find out.

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