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Operation Mindfall Indoor: The Mobile Escape Game for Unique Team Building Events.
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How it works

Offer your clients an exciting indoor team building game in which they take on the role of secret agents. As part of the international secret service organization W.I.S.E., their mission is to protect the world from danger. In groups of two to six players the agents solve tricky puzzles, experience the fascination of Augmented Reality and have a lot of fun while improving their team spirit. Thanks to its atmosphere and sophisticated team tasks, Operation Mindfall immerses the participants in the adventure right away – without the players having to leave their tables. Equipped with an iPad, they can master all the challenges you set them.

Indoor | Outdoor | Remote

Possible Applications:
Team Building | Corporate Events | Gamification | Conferences | Exhibitions | Recruiting

Amount of Players:

CZ | DE | EN | ES | FI | FR | HE | IT | NL | NO | PL | PT

Playing Time:
1-6 Hours

Great for Team Building

Organize corporate events where several teams compete against each other (up to 2,000+ players).

Mobile Escape Game

Bring the game to your customers: for icebreaker events, seminars, trade fairs, conferences and more!

Quick Setup

The game itself is setup in minutes and available in more than 10 languages! No technical knowledge required.

Quick Setup and Unique Equipment

With Cluetivity you will stand out from the competition and offer your customers a truly unique gaming experience – guaranteed! Operation Mindfall Indoor comes with great Augmented Reality Features and nicely printed material.

The printed material is designed to fit perfectly into the game scenario. Available in multiple languages it can be easily scaled to hundreds of players.

Your Advantages With Operation Mindfall Indoor


Adaptable: Corporate customers often expect individual experiences tailored to their needs. Be it the location, company-specific content or even the language – with Cluetivity you can easily customize Operation Mindfall Indoor.


Simple: You don’t need any programming skills to use our online building block. With just a few clicks you can add tasks and edit texts and images.


Profitable: Since you don’t need your own location, your operating costs are low and you can expect high margins for your events.

Always the Perfect Solution

Indoor Team Events Using Mobile Escape Games

With our Mobile Escape Games, you can create exciting indoor experiences for your guests and customers. We have created different scenarios that you can adapt to your needs through exciting puzzles, team challenges and augmented reality interactions. This way you are perfectly equipped for team building events, recruiting and corporate events, conferences (icebreaker events) and many other purposes in the B2B environment.

Gamification with Custom Games

With Cluetivity, you can create your own gamification applications – without any programming knowledge. Gamification makes training and onboarding processes more effective because participants absorb the information they are given more easily. Product presentations can be designed as immersive experiences that turn viewers into participants. In addition, you can turn traditional guided tours into interactive tours in which your guests interact with their surroundings in a playful way.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our gamification features.

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