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Proof of  Concept

More than 200 partners in 35 countries already use Cluetivity to offer their customers high-quality Outdoor and Mobile Escape Games. Secure the license for your city or region and become part of our network.

Annual License Fee

Unlimited Game Plays

Free Updates & Support

Benefits as a Partner


Flat Rate License
Term of 12 months. 1 fixed price. Yearly payment. Unlimited games inclusive! No additional license costs.


Unlimited Game Plays
From private tours to large team building events, your Cluetivity license lets you play as many games with as many participants as you want.


Area Protection
Secure your exclusive area now. Only 1 license partner per city (for small and medium cities*). Become market leader in your city or region!


Ready-to-Play Missions
Choose from ready-to-play missions and customize the games to your location in just a few days.


Your Own Games
Create your own games and tours in your city or for your customers for many different use cases.


Support and Know-How
Fast support via telephone, WhatsApp, email and Skype. Online Help-Center with tutorial videos, game instructions, marketing material and valuable sales know-how.


Use Whereever You Want
Whether indoors or outdoors, childrens birthday parties or team events, Cluetivity games work everywhere and suit almost every occasion.


Free Updates
There are no exrta expenses. All software, app, and language updates are already included.




Quotes of our Partners

White Label Option

Is the branding of your company important to you? By using our white label solution, you can offer games with your own logo and brand. Stand out from your competitors and build a meaningful connection to your customers.


Replace our logo from the intro and outro trailer inside the game by your own logo. You receive the advertising trailer for your website without Cluetivity branding. You can use your own logo on all marketing materials.

Online Customiser

Replace our logo in the building tool by your own so you can project the live Operator tool on a wall for your customers (team building events).

Frequently Asked Questions

In which languages is Cluetivity available?

Cluetivity is currently available in 15 languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Hebrew. Further languages are planned. All language updates are provided free of charge. Many texts in the games can be adapted by our partners themselves and translated into other languages quickly and easily.

Do I need the ActionPack to play Cluetivity games?

The ActionPack is optional. However, we recommend using our ActionPacks for immersive games, as it is a great game element with lots of additional fun for the players. It is also ideal for groups and teams with mixed age groups.

Is Cluetivity also available for Android?

Currently, no. However, we are working on it. At the moment all our games are available for different iPad models. Well-preserved and used iPads can usually be purchased on eBay or REBUY at reasonable prices.

Do I need an internet connection to play?

You need an Internet connection to set up the game. It is also possible to play the game itself without an internet connection, but with some restrictions. The advantage of an internet connection is that you can follow the positions of your players live on the map during the game via the online operator. Players can also see the scores of other teams during the game. Without an internet connection, this is not possible. The iPad also needs an Internet connection at the beginning of the game to ensure smooth loading of the maps. At the moment we therefore recommend using an internet connection.

At what age can you play the games?

Cluetivity is currently designed for players aged 8 years and older accompanied by adults. There is no upper limit.

What is the perfect team size?

We recommend 4-6 people per team. Each team receives an iPad and an ActionPack. Some of our partners also play with 8-10 people per team. You achieve this by giving the teams additional tasks to solve during the game. Couples can also play in pairs.

Do you plan to release more missions?

We are constantly working on new features and new missions. Our goal is to expand our portfolio of games to other genres and new uses, so that our partners have more and more opportunities.

How exactly does the partner license model work?

We offer our games and software to partner companies under an all-inclusive flat-rate license model. The Cluetivity CITY FLAT license allows the use of our software and game apps as well as the offering and resale of game performances (events) at specified locations. Flat-rate means a fixed annual license fee and as a partner you can run and sell as many games as you want – without additional costs. The license fee depends on the size of your region, GDP, population and other factors. If you are interested in using it in your city, please feel free to contact us to learn more. We will always find a way to support you with your goals and plans.

Can I acquire exclusive rights for locations?

With our CITY FLAT licensing model we license cities, regions and even countries to our partners, and you can acquire the exclusive right for your desired region for certain missions. Contact us to learn more about our partner program.

What do I need as a partner to get started?

We recommend that one person in the company is responsible for Cluetivity missions. It takes about 2-3 days to develop and test the first routes. Depending on the level of immersion and quality, the game is ready to play afterwards. For the start, we recommend 2-5 game sets (consisting of one iPad and one ActionPack each). On eBay and other re-selling sites, you can also buy used iPads at low prices. We recommend using the ActionPack, as it is a great game element which adds an element of additional fun for the players (over 95% of all partners use it).