Farewell Corona! 5 Ways to Prepare for the Time After the Lockdown

Shops in many countries of the world are still closed because of the corona crisis. But in a few weeks public life will go on again. Time to get ready for it. We wrote down 5 possibilities how you can use the time until the reopening in a wise way.

1. Familiarize Yourself With New Games and Tools


We at Cluetivity used the past weeks to improve our products. For example we released Magic Portal 2.0 for you. New features, a new ActionPack and more creative freedom for you as the operator take the game to a new level.

Many of you have already tried the Cluetivity 2.0 Customizer. If you have not yet created routes in the new customizer, now it’s the opportunity to do so. Make good use of the time you save on other things, by familiarising yourself with the tool, optimising routes and working on puzzles.

You don’t have to go outside to test your routes and puzzles. In test mode, you can try everything from home.

2. Develop a Strategy to Attract New Customers

In many countries, there are still restrictions on outdoor activities. But as far as we know, people tend to be safer in the fresh air than indoors, because airborne transmission of the corona virus has not been proven yet. This may well be a marketing aspect for the time after the crisis: Outdoor Escape Games are safe.

Furthermore, summer is just around the corner in many regions of the world. People want to spend time outdoors, explore the city and enjoy the good weather – another sales argument for Outdoor Escape Games.

As long as you are still on a forced break, you can also develop a plan to reach new target groups. Especially the B2B sector offers great potential. Instead of groups of four to five players, you can expect to receive bookings from groups of 50 or more (as soon as the contact restrictions are relaxed).

Have a look at our articles on the corresponding topics:

3. Work With Other Companies

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Managers often misjudge the power of cooperation. However, cooperations with other small companies in the area can be extremely valuable, especially in our industry.

Whether it is being allowed to display flyers in another shop or getting positive word-of-mouth – for many escape rooms, leisure providers and other small businesses, these marketing measures are worth their weight in gold. They cost nothing and help you to improve your profile.

Check out more Marketing tips for Escape Rooms.

4. Exchange Strategies With Partners

We would also like to encourage you to exchange more intensely with other partners. We have many partners with great, creative ideas regarding Operation Mindfall, Magic Portal and our other games.

Use the network, for example through our Facebook group for partners, to get new ideas. Of course, we are always available to support you in realizing your plans too!

5. Increase Sales With Online Escape Games

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The corona crisis is far from over, even if some countries are slowly relaxing their restrictions. We are therefore convinced that the demand of Online Escape Games will continue to grow for a very long time – even beyond the time of contact restrictions.

To support companies keeping their employees motivated in home office, we launched a new platform for virtual team building events.

Online Escape Games offer many advantages:

  • Friends, family members and colleagues use them to have fun together over long distances.
  • As a team-building measure, Online Escape Games are very cheap for companies, since, among other things, there are no travel expenses.
  • Playing Online Escape Games is extremely flexible in terms of time and space. The players only need a PC/laptop or a smartphone/tablet.

Our Online Escape Game The Pegasus Project combines these advantages for you. Contact us to find out more.

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Thanks to Shay Reynolds from The AR Adventure for giving the initial idea to create this post.

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