Outdoor Escape Games: Twice the Fun, None of the Limits

If you manage an escape room, paintball area, or laser tag arena, then you will be familiar with problems such as overwhelming demand in the high season, too little space for your guests, and difficulties processing large bookings – and that is just the start. However, with Outdoor Escape Games, eliminating these issues has never been easier.


  • In an Outdoor Escape Game, players explore the surroundings, follow a background story and solve puzzles, similar to an Escape Room.
  • Outdoor Escape Rooms can be played by almost unlimited players at the same time.
  • With an outdoor team game, you expand your offers and address new target groups.
  • An Outdoor Escape Game gives you a unique selling point.
  • With a GPS gaming software, you can set up routes and puzzles for your customers in a very short time.

Problem 1: We are always fully booked!

There are worse problems for a business to have than to be so in-demand that you cannot accept every booking request you receive. However, it is a problem when you are unable to exhaust your services to their maximum potential.

You can change all of that with an outdoor escape room. Your players are – as you can imagine – not based indoors, and not even on your premises. All you have to do is send them on a scavenger hunt throughout the city.

Using GPS gaming tools, you can create a route and send your customers on a grand mission, equipped with an iPad. With the power of software such as Cluetivity, you are presented with the option to choose pre-made routes for your area, complete with quests, puzzles, and riddles.

If you fancy making the game a bit more personalised, the option to design routes yourself is also available. The provided routes consist of twelve checkpoints that your customers visit to solve puzzles, accompanied by a story that makes the magic of the game come alive.

All of these aspects are completely customisable, too. For example: you might choose to create a route that leads your players to the most important landmarks in their area, and upon arrival, they are presented with fun-facts about their destination, or perhaps given some more information to build a backstory.

Problem 2: As the weather is so warm, we aren’t getting enough bookings during summer!

While your escape room, paintball or laser tag arena is usually fully booked throughout autumn and winter, the case is probably a bit different in summer. As nobody enjoys being holed up indoors when the weather is warm, tumbleweeds might pass by instead of the sound of ringing cash registers.

An outdoor escape room could solve your problems here. Whilst it will not make your premises any bigger, it will still drive additional business throughout the warmer months. By creating a summer-oriented route, your customers can make the most of the weather and explore the great outdoors in the sun! If they have a fantastic time with you, then the likelihood that they will come back for your other services increases!

Problem 3: We don’t have enough space for B2B events!

Space restrictions are a very real problem, especially for escape rooms. Most escape room providers host between two to four games, with four to six players per room. This means that a maximum of 24 people can play at one location at the same time. Whilst larger rooms do exist, the likelihood that you will come across one is rather narrow. As such, a large corporate event cannot be organised with limited space.

Again, this is where an Outdoor Escape Room saves the day: it offers unlimited space and unlimited capacity! With our game Operation Mindfall, our French partner, CBR Teambuilding, organises team events for over 1000 players. For organising this, they won the ‘Venus Innovation Award’ from Heavent Paris in 2019. When it comes to large events, CBR Teambuilding always adjusts its routes and puzzles individually to the respective company and offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to the venue. There are already numerous routes available in and around Paris, but these experts go the extra mile and organise games directly at the customer’s site.

Problem 4: We never attract repeat customers!

You probably go out of your way to make sure your guests have fun. They might even leave a great review for you Facebook or Google. However, the problem is that you never see those players again. You are not alone. In fact, you are just like many others in the industry. Only between 10 % and 20 % of customers go to the same escape room provider a second time, even if there are multiple missions available. We understand your frustration – especially as most of you go to great lengths to attract customers.

Struggling with your marketing? Let us help! Here are 30 marketing tips for escape rooms and small businesses.

Getting a customer to make their first purchase with you is always the most expensive and time-consuming task, they say in the marketing world. It would be great if your customers came back more than once, right? But if your customers are not quite escape room enthusiasts, the idea of playing a second escape room might not be so appealing. With alternative offers such as an Outdoor Escape Room, you might just be able to draw them back in.

Problem 5: We lack a USP!

Not everyone offers games like interactive city rallies. Therefore, they are ideal if you are looking to stand out from the competition. Thanks to Outdoor Escape Games, you have immediately paved the way to appeal to new target groups. Finding customers who represent big companies is just only one of many possibilities.

An outdoor escape room, for example, is particularly popular as a family event. In the same way, it is ideal for children’s birthday parties. The children can play in groups or compete against each other, whilst learning something new in the interactive city rally. Aside from wholesome fun, stag and hen parties also often book to play these sorts of games. Being outside in good weather, solving puzzles and enhancing the entire storyline with some drinks can be – for some – a lot of fun.

In addition to the vast flexibility we have already mentioned, you can also adjust the playing time individually to the needs of your customers. From a short route with a playing time of 60 minutes, to a city tour lasting hours upon hours, pretty much anything is possible. Guiding tourists to the most important sights of your city has never been more in your control.

Expand Your Business Opportunities

With Cluetivity’s ready-to-play games, you can offer immersive live escape games with Augmented Reality for B2B and B2C customers.

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