Solve the Crime

Who is responsible for Albert Einstein’s death? Travel back in time and try to find out in our thrilling Mobile Escape Game!
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The Story

Albert Einstein died under mysterious circumstances in 1955. To find out how the scientist died, players travel back in time with their iPad and analyse the crime scene. They only have 10 minutes to solve the crime! Can they find all the clues and reveal the mystery?


Possible Applications:
Product Placements | Team Events | Conferences

Amount of Players:

CZ | DE | EN | ES | FI | FR | HE | IT | NL | NO | PL | PT

Playing Time:
10 Minutes (can be adjusted)

Mobile Escape Game

Use Einstein Unsolved wherever you want. For example: in a shopping mall, at a trade show or directly at the customer’s site.

Game Ready

Einstein Unsolved is set up in a few minutes. You need neither additional staff nor special equipment.

Attention Guaranteed

With banners and the large “Who did it?” sticker, Einstein Unsolved is a real eye-catcher. Passers-by will be curious immediately!

Discover New Opportunities and Grow Your Business


Offer guests a short mini-game to bridge waiting times.


Use ‘Einstein Unsolved’ as an icebreaker at teambuilding events.


Collect players’ email addresses to boost your business.

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