Should I Sell My Escape Room now?

You’ve built your Escape Room with a lot of effort, sweat and tears. But now the crisis has put your business in a slump? We help you clarify what you should consider when selling your Escape Room and if it’s a good time for it right now.

After weeks of shutdown Escape Rooms are finally allowed to reopen in many areas. But business is slow to get off the ground again. Bookings are sometimes still so low that it’s hardly worth opening the doors at all.

The challenging situation leads to the fact that many Escape Rooms are currently offered for sale in forums and groups, since many operators do not have the financial reserves to bridge such a long period of no income.

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What you need to consider when selling an Escape Room

Selling a company is one of the most complex processes in the life of an entrepreneur. So if you want to sell your Escape Room, a lot of preparation is required.

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I really want to sell or am I just in a bad mood right now?
  • What is my company worth?
  • What information is important for the potential buyer?
  • Where do I offer my Escape Room for sale?

Do you really want to sell or are you just in a bad mood?

The first and most important question is about your motivation: Why do you actually want to sell your Escape Room? Every company goes through difficult phases – even without Corona.

A crisis can also be an opportunity for something new. With new offers like Online and Outdoor Escape Games you can expand your business and increase your revenue.

What is my company worth?

If you are clear about your motivations and still want to sell your Escape Room, you should calculate the value of your company. Its value depends on many aspects, including:

  • The size of your store
  • Number of Escape Rooms
  • Location (city centre, peripheral location, rural)
  • Business development in recent years
  • Realistic assessment of future business development
  • State of inventory (computers, cameras, other equipment)
  • Image/famousness

As a rough guide, an Escape Room is worth its annual turnover when sold. Due to the current difficult business situation, however, it is possible that no one will be willing to pay this price.

What information is important for the potential buyer?

If you still want to sell your Escape Room, you should prepare a meaningful text with the points mentioned above. Attractive photos make your offer even more appealing.

Where do I offer my Escape Room for sale?

Since Escape Rooms are usually rather small businesses, the sale is mostly negotiated between the buyer and the seller directly. As a seller, you use sites such as the Facebook group “Escape Room Buy – Sell – Trade” or Craigslist.

If you decide not to sell …

Then there are many ways you can expand your Escape Room. For example, focusing more on corporate customers can boost your sales. This way you will get more bookings from large groups – which is great for your room utilization. Our detailed Escape Room Marketing Guide will help you to find your core target group and to address them in the ideal way.

Everything we have described in this article applies very similarly to leisure providers from other areas such as trampoline halls, laser tag arenas, amusement parks and city tours.

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