The Infinite Jest of Scavenger Hunts for Team Building

Everyone knows about scavenger hunts – but mostly only as a game for children. Today, there are high-quality scavenger hunts for adults that companies book as a team building.

Do you remember when as a child you painted arrows with chalk on the street and hid? The scavenger hunts of that time have always been great fun. For adults, however, the game should of course be a little more challenging.

What Does a Modern Scavenger Hunt Look Like?

Chalk, branches and stones are a thing of the past – iPads are used for a modern scavenger hunt. There is also no need for anyone to hide and wait to be found by the others, instead all groups play at the same time. This is especially advantageous on a scavenger hunt as a team building activity.

Expand Your Business With Scavenger Hunts

With Cluetivity’s ready to play games, you create augmented reality scavenger hunts for team building as well as for city tours, birthdays and stag parties within no time at all.

On the iPads the scavenger hunts are installed as apps. In this way you can organize team building events for 2,000 and more participants. Sounds good, right? You only need the appropriate number of iPads (usually 1 per group).

Advantages of a Digital Scavenger Hunt

A digital scavenger hunt can take place both indoors and outdoors. As the operator you adapt the game to the needs of your customers.

  • Length: If you are organising a scavenger hunt for team building, we recommend a game length of 60 minutes.
  • Location: The treasure hunt can take employees to the city’s sights, familiarize them with the company’s premises or even take place indoors.
  • Puzzles: The puzzles should be customizable, so that you can, for example, make a regional/local reference or mention the customer’s name in the game.
  • Competition: At the end of the treasure hunt the teams can compare their results and the team with the highest score wins a prize.

Why Are Scavenger Hunts a Great Fit for a Team Building Activity?

Often employees have prejudices against team building activities. Either because the events are poorly organized or because they do not feel up to the team games. This can be the case if the event is physically demanding, for example in a climbing park.

A digital scavenger hunt is the ideal team building event: it’s fun and exciting without excluding anybody. The puzzles are challenging, but if a team is stuck, there is a help function in the app. In our augmented reality game Operation Mindfall, for example, players are assisted by Laura Hunt, our virtual secret agent.

As the operator of an escape room, an event agency or any other company in the leisure and culture industry, this enables you to run the game without any additional stuff to look after the groups while playing.

A scavenger hunt also promotes team communication, cooperation and problem-solving skills.

What Other Occasions Are Scavenger Hunts Suitable for?

Digital scavenger hunts are popular with both children and adults. Accordingly, you can use them in many different ways: Birthdays, city tours and stag parties are just as possible as team building and corporate events, trade fairs and conferences.

Amazing scavenger hunts enhanced with incredible augmented reality and geolocation! Top quality games and absolutely unique experience! The possibilities for customization are almost limitless. The customer service is fast, knowledgeable and super nice. It is almost like working with friends!
Mikael Avequin

Founder, Michigan [AR] Scavenger Hunt, USA

Are There Scavenger Hunts for The Home?

The corona pandemic has added another use case: online scavenger hunts. Players do not have to leave home – they simply play in their computer’s browser.

Check out our new platform for virtual team building events

Like in an Escape Room, players gather in teams and collect clues to solve a case. They are connected via voice or video chat.

Get Your License Now

Outdoor, Mobile and Online Escape Games adaptable to your needs. Everything from one source. Contact us now for more details.

An online escape game is ideal for team building for remote teams. There is a lot of interaction between the players, they solve puzzles together and experience an exciting time that flies by. But also friends and families can play Online Escape Games to have fun together.

The players don’t need chalk any more here either. But logic, teamwork and communication.

Expand Your Business Opportunities

With Cluetivity’s ready-to-play games, you can offer immersive live escape games with Augmented Reality for B2B and B2C customers.

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