Cluetivity at Home: How to Develop and Sell Portable Escape Games

Despite curfews and quarantines, there are still ways you can generate revenue with Cluetivity. Using two examples, we’ll show you how you can easily turn our games, Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal, into Portable Escape Games.

Due to Coronavirus, playing Escape Rooms, Outdoor Escape Games and other events is currently prohibited in many countries. This leads to massive losses in turnover in these industries.

Cluetivity’s partners, however, have the possibility to still profit from these games, whilst adhering to the restrictions in place. Outdoor Escape Games Zurich and Dresden Secrets have already shown us how they have achieved this, whilst sticking to the rules of social distancing.

Both Cluetivity partners sell Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal as Portable Escape Games and, therefore, generate at least some revenue during the time their local shops have to be closed.

How Do Portable Escape Games From Cluetivity Work?

The technical side of it is fairly simple:

  • Launch the Customiser.
  • Choose one of your routes for the home game.
  • If you have puzzles in your route that can only be solved when players visit a location (for example, they have to count the steps of a staircase), change the puzzle accordingly.
  • Load the route in your iPad.
  • Activate ‘test mode’ for the game so that all puzzles can be played, regardless of geographical location.
  • Once you have done this, your route will be playable without leaving the house.

Now all that your customers need is the iPad and an ActionPack to play your Portable Escape Games. The ActionPack is important to solve the augmented reality tasks and to offer even more variety and fun. Dresden Secrets offer two pricing models:

  • Players collect the equipment themselves and pay 29€ per game.
  • Players have the equipment delivered and pay 39€ per game.

At Outdoor Escape Games Zurich, players pay 89 Swiss Francs and have the equipment delivered to their homes.

With both providers, players receive a voucher for their next booking as a thank you. This means that they can not only play an Escape Room at home, but are also very likely to return as customers after the end of the Conronavirus crisis.

Who is the Target Group for Portable Escape Games?

Until recently, both Dresden Secrets and Outdoor Escape Games Zurich were mainly active in the B2B sector. However, their target group for Cluetivity’s Portable Escape Games are mainly families. With many companies sending their employees to work from home, many parents find it difficult to keep their children, who have similarly been sent home from school, busy all the time.

Escape Games that can be played at home offer a welcomed change. Combining gripping stories and modern technology, augmented reality games like Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal fascinate and engage both children and adults likewise.

What Can You Do to Also Offer Cluetivity Escape Games for the Home?

First of all, you need to edit your routes and puzzles as described above, so that your customers can play from home.

As a second step, we recommend that you set up a landing page for your Portable Escape Games on your website. Outdoor Escape Games Zurich and Dresden Secrets provide inspiration for this. Name the most important facts and figures, as well as the price, and explain how the delivery of the iPad and the ActionPack will work. In addition, a hint that your customers are supporting a small local business with their booking can be helpful; despite living in a time of social distancing, this crisis is providing a time of moving closer together.

To let people know about your offer, you should advertise it on your social media channels. For businesses in smaller areas with a lower population, organic posts are recommended. On the other hand, running paid social advertisements is still effective. This way, you can precisely set who you want to target with your ads. For example, you can filter by age, place of residence, and hobbies.

You’re all set! As a team, we are all so proud that we have such creative partners and that our partners can make the most out of our games – even in times of crisis.

Nevertheless, we’re working hard to support you even more. Next week we’re going to release the first Cluetivity Remote Escape Game. It’s a great team building activity for remote working B2B clients as well as great fun for families and friends, who can’t meet in person.

We will share more information on it soon!

Expand Your Business Opportunities

With Cluetivity’s ready-to-play games, you can offer immersive live escape games with Augmented Reality for B2B and B2C customers.

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