Team Events in Winter: 9 Activities for the Cold Season

Christmas Markets, Cabin Challenges, Escape Rooms: Team events in winter can be just as versatile as they are in summer. Even outdoor events in the cold can be fun – well, if the place is right.


Every year, companies face the same challenge: where should we celebrate our Christmas party? Some decide to go to a restaurant; others plan a day out packed to the brim with different activities. But the cold season (for many) can last for an extensive period of time, so parties for Christmas might not be the only team events in winter to consider. Whether it be a kick-off event, employee incentive, or just a company party, team spirit is important for the success.

If you’re stumped for ideas, let us give you 9 ideas for team building in the winter.

Team building in the warmer, southern hemisphere

So, imagine that you’re based in the northern hemisphere, and you want to offer your employees a very special team event in winter. Then perhaps a trip to another city or country might be your very elaborate answer. Whether as a reward for a completed project or as a kick-off event, southern regions are particularly popular for team building in winter. For example, some German companies invite their employees to Mallorca. You might immediately think that this sounds expensive – however, this time of year is off-season for many of these destinations. Therefore, the prices are lower, and team events in winter are likely to be abroad.

If your company event takes place in a warm destination, you will need to think about activities to do. Just lying by the pool in the hotel does not promote the team spirit.

Palma’s Cathedral is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mallorca.

If you’re in a new country, take advantage of it and explore the area. If you’re stuck on exciting things to do, why not organize a city rally? A classic scavenger hunt may have fallen a bit out of fashion, but there are also modern variants – with augmented reality, virtual avatars, and exciting challenges.

Equipped with an iPad and GPS, your staff are split into teams, and each group are given an iPad. Tasks and puzzles appear as teams approach specific locations. Whether you’re in the area’s old town or with a Jeep spread over the whole island, you can customise the routes and tailor them to your winter team event.

A game like Operation Mindfall by Cluetivity offers special incentives. The players not only explore the environment but also follow an exciting story. Your players are tasked with the simple challenge of, well, saving the world. The participants solve their mission by seeking clues, combining objects and much more.

Outdoor Escape Games are great for team building events as it doesn’t matter how many employees participate. 50, or even 100, teams of two to six players can play at a time.

If your company is in the world of hosting events, engaging customers in exploring culture, or just promote entertainment, consider including Cluetivity in your offer. Learn more about us now!

Christmas Markets as an Interactive Team Game

It’s not as flexible as a team trip, but nonetheless popular – go to the Christmas market with colleagues. Some Christmas markets even offer activities such as ice-skating, where both friends and teams of companies can sign up.

Our partner, Dresden Secrets, had a particularly creative idea for team building in winter. Combining our game – Operation Mindfall – with a visit to the Christmas market, the players move through the wintry city and search for the secret recipe of a magical mulled wine on the Dresdner Striezelmarkt. The tour includes a mulled wine reception and two other mulled wine stations. On request, you can simultaneously master the mission in different teams on different routes and play against each other. Even up to 200 people can be included in this event.

Increase the team spirit with karaoke and cool drinks

Not everyone feels like running outside in low temperatures. Therefore, team events in winter which take place indoors, such as karaoke, are popular. Maybe people will need a cocktail first to get the courage grabbing the microphone. But as soon as the first shyness is gone, a karaoke party can be real fun. Just be careful, that your stuff doesn’t have one over the eight. Noone wants a corporate party become an excess.

Lasertag, Paintball, or Glow-In-Dark Minigolf

Do you fancy doing something a bit more action packed with your colleagues in winter? Then consider Lasertag, Paintball, or Glow-In-Dark Minigolf! At Laser Tag and Paintball, you can easily form teams; if you have a larger company where not all staff members can interact often, this is a great way to get employees from different partners to bond. It creates an exciting competition! Some of these places even offer catering, so book your Christmas lunch in whilst you’re at it!

Graffiti or action-painting workshop

Let your creativity flourish by attending a graffiti or action-painting workshop. Graffiti is one of the biggest street art trends in modern history. While in the past it was considered to be a crime, today there are more and more places in cities where graffiti artists can pursue their passion legally. Lisbon, for example, is even famous for its graffiti. Of course, a graffiti workshop in winter is also very likely to take place indoors.

The same applies to action-painting: the spontaneous creation of images is ideal for a team event in winter. Many providers even also accept large bookings. Creating communal pieces of artwork, everyone contributes their part, so no one should feel excluded – even if you aren’t the most creative person. Action-painting is not about creating works of art to be mused upon, but to activate your creative streaks within you!

Christmas Sports Day

If your team prefers something a bit more traditional, maybe a Christmas-themed sports day with a buffet is for you. During the Challenge, the employees compete in wintry games such as curling, Christmas-themed relay races and can throwing. For food? Load up on Mince Pies, Stollen, and Turkey of course!

A Husky-drawn Carriage

Whether as an incentive or team building measure, being driven around grounds by a husky-drawn carriage is a dream for many people. As a team event in winter, this is something that isn’t too difficult to come by. You don’t even have to necessarily visit Scandinavia with your company. Booking Husky tours for group events in other regions is not unheard of. The offers range from husky trial rides to multi-day trekking tours. It’s guaranteed to be a unique experience for your employees!

Real-life Mario Kart

Not necessarily a Christmas-themed event, but something that is definitely fun is a real-life Mario Kart Battle. Playing as either Mario, Yoshi or Princess Peach, you drive with two balloons on your car – almost the same as multiplayer mode on the original Nintendo game. In your team, you must defend your own balloons and burst the opponent’s balloons. However, there is only one prerequisite – you just need a suitable location.

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Team building in an Escape Room

Of course, we couldn’t leave this out of a list of team building ideas in winter – Escape Rooms are a great idea all year round! Nobody escapes from an enclosed space without teamwork, communication, and creativity. The victory of a successful escape attempt can weld a team together. It may even have a positive effect on the daily work routine going forward! Of course, this is exactly what you want to achieve from a team event. Have a look for some games in your area – it’s guaranteed to go down a treat!

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