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Our brand new Interactive Game Experience for Teams.
Operation Mindfall
The Famous Outdoor and Mobile Spy Escape Game.

Magic Portal

A Fantastic Outdoor Adventure for Families, Kids and Friends.

Add Value to Your Business

Cluetivity is a great addition for many businesses such as leisure, tourism, events, entertainment, education and many more. Our games and software will enable you to grow your business to the next level.


Ready to Play Games: Setup and customize our games within a couple of hours to your location and needs.


Augmented Reality: Use pre-defined AR-objects and avatars and make your experiences even more immersive.


Flexible and Scalable: Customize games for any use case, either for small groups or for corporate events with 2,000+ participants.


Low Operating Costs: No additional staff needed to host Cluetivity games due to the in-app-help function.


Support: We’re always available for our partners via phone, whatsapp, email or our online help-center with tutorial videos.

Use The Power of AR

All Cluetivity Games are equipped with high quality Augmented Reality Riddles. Let your players interact with Virtual Avatars, Treasure Chests and other objects which appear in the real world. Customize the riddles to your location and create an unforgettable experience.

Customize Your Games

With our software you can create your own scenarios and customize your games for nearly any occassion and location. Create fun puzzles, upload images and videos, use mini-games, augmented reality interactions and many more features to engage your clients.

Reach New Target Groups

Cluetivity combines the best elements of escape rooms, scavenger hunts and geocaching. Whether it be team building with outdoor escape games, indoor team events with mobile escape games, or virtual treasure hunts for children’s birthdays, family outings and stag parties – our games fit every occasion. Complemented by fascinating augmented reality technology and thrilling riddles, your customers will be sure to experience unique, interactive events.

Use the opportunity to be the first to bring this revolutionary experience to your location.

Your Benefits as a Partner

Proof of Concept

More than 200 entrepreneurs already use Cluetivity successfully to expand their business and increase their sales.

Flat Rate License

Unlimited game events inclusive! One yearly licensing fee with flexible payment options. No additional licensing costs.

Area Protection

Only 1 license partner per city (for outdoor games and small and medium cities). Become a market leader in your location!

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