Blackout: Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre nuestro nuevo juego de escape al aire libre de Cluetivity

We are all eager to get out and experience new things, even if it’s in our own city, enjoy the weather, breathe fresh air and have fun with some outdoor activity. Well, it’s about time!

Outdoor Escape Rooms are just what we are looking for and, moreover, presently considered a very popular social entertainment activity. They combine the best elements of escape rooms, scavenger hunts and geocaching with the help of a smartphone or a tablet.


What is an outdoor escape game?

Outdoor escape games are fully immersive adventure games where the team’s main goal is to solve a mission within a time limit. The games are equipped with a complete storyline set in real locations, tricky riddles, fantastic AR avatars and complementary gadgets for a real-like feeling. Usually, these adventures are run on a phone or tablet following a real online map.

Outdoor escape games are among the most famous fully immersive scavenger game experiences for company events, family bonding, and friends getaway. Frankly speaking, it’s a worldwide trend as they add interactivity to the reality surrounding to immerse teams into a whole story.

When it comes to lasting experiences, outdoor games are way better than other team games available. It improves our emotional, mental, and physical health. Outdoor Escape Rooms provide the perfect combination of team-building activities and mind-bending puzzles for groups who enjoy solving problems together while enjoying real scenarios.


How to set up an Escape Game

Creating a good escape room is hard. It’s not enough to just have an interesting premise or some fantastic riddles – it needs the right balance of both. Most escape rooms suffer from one of two problems; either they’re too easy, and players can solve them without any thought, or they’re so complicated that players need to spend hours trying every possible solution before finally getting through.

First and foremost, you need an exciting premise that will grab your players’ attention from the start – make sure they’re invested in solving your riddles before they even walk through the door! Next, consider how complex each riddle should be; not too easy (or people might get bored) and not too hard (so people don’t give up).

Finally, think about what type of customer or demographic you want to attract with your escape room experience. This way, you can design an escape room that’s just right for them! Have you thought about creating one for yourself? Cluetivity experts are here for you.

The Cluetivity Outdoor Escape Games have been created by experienced game designers who know how to make fun scenarios for players with all levels of experience and skillsets. We have decades of combined experience in creating physical games that challenge people in new ways, but we also understand how tricky online gaming can be to make sure your customers have a great time! We cover any audience requirements and understand the niche of your business, giving you the right tools to build unique, exclusive and top-quality escape games for your B2B and B2C business.

For instance, our latest outdoor game experience, Blackout, is fully equipped with top-notch elements such as AR avatars, ultimate gadgets and hidden clues, new multiplayer features and the latest technology.


Blackout, The Latest Outdoor Game Experience



1. What is Blackout?

Blackout is a Cyber-Spy-Hacking-Game taking place in the modern universe. An unknown group of hackers hacked a city power plant, causing one of the biggest threats in modern times: a citywide Blackout!

The consequence is the complete collapse of the modern world as we know it. Unknown to the population, players’ city is currently running on emergency power. They have just a limited time to stop the hackers, restore the power supply and avoid the biggest catastrophe in modern history!


2. What is the team’s mission?

Here is the mission:

  1. Three (3) main power nodes and a secret emergency generator can control the city power network. The team must find these power nodes and activate them.
  1. The team has to find the secret emergency generator and restart it to restore the power in their city!


As this is a mission of the utmost importance to the whole world, the city is full of agents from different organizations and stakeholders who are either on the same mission as the team or double agents who want to stop them! To protect the team against possible opponents, Cluetivity has equipped each team with a unique new skill: Hacking!

The teams must use this new skill carefully.


3. Is the Blackout mission complemented with any widgets?

Definitely yes! Each team will be equipped with a unique case called ‘ActionPack.’ This ActionPack is designed to make the story fully immersive and interactive, making it genuine thanks to the great items and hidden clues.

There will be around three (3) pre-defined ActionPack riddles in the game. Additional ActionPack riddles can be created easily with some of the provided items. We are producing a wholly customized case for the ActionPack, which will fit perfectly into the game setting. The new ActionPack will weigh just around 2,2KG.


4. What is the estimated playing time?

The standard playing time is between 2 to 2,5 hours. Yet, the playing time could be reduced to around 1,5 to 2 hours by deleting 2 to 3 riddles.


5. Can Blackout be played as a single-player or in teams?

Our mission is to build teamwork, cooperation and team bonding within each game. Therefore, the game is designed to play in teams. We recommend each team be between 2 to 5 players.


6. Can different teams play against each other?

Yes! Teams can play parallel to each other. Players can also play „against“ each other. Each player’s score can be compared at the end of the game. Besides the high score, our new optional Multiplayer Feature (Versus Mode) will allow players to interact directly against each other.


7. What means the “Versus Mode” in Blackout, and how does it work?

The „Versus Mode” (also called VS-Mode) is an optional and additional new mode in Blackout. It is a multiplayer feature that enables teams to fight against each other. The standard story-based game mode works without the VS-Mode!

The VS-Mode can be activated in the route settings on the iPad. If the VS-Mode is activated, players see an additional Button inside the User Interface of the App. This button enables the players to „Hack“ other teams and steal money from them (in Blackout, the teams collect ENERGY and DOLLARS $).

To use the VS-Mode, the iPad MUST be connected to the internet! For this mode, SIM cards are needed. The data volume for using this function is low, so no big data plans are required.


8. What are the limitations of the “Versus Mode”?

The VS-Mode does not work for single teams. It will work only if multiple teams are playing simultaneously and in the same high score.


9. What outdoor settings and conditions should be considered to set up Blackout?

We recommend using a city location (probably a forest would not fit much to the setting). Any urban area with buildings will be okay. The size of the area needed is very flexible and depends on the length of the game.


10. Is Blackout exclusively an outdoor game?

Not really! We plan to release an indoor version with printed documents and without the need for the ActionPack.


11. Which iPad model is recommended to play the game smoothly?

We recommend an iPad 6th gen Wi-Fi + Cellular (2018) or newer to run Blackout and other Cluetivity games such as Operation Mindfall, Magic Portal or The Last Secret. There might be other iPads like iPad 5 or iPad Air 2+3 and several iPad Pro models which might be supported. A detailed list of all supported devices will be published once the first version is available in the app store soon.

In our upcoming Outdoor Escape Game Blackout, players will be equipped with an exciting new Gadget Case – the Cluetivity ActionPack™ and immersed in a fully new story. Become a Cluetivity Partner now and bring Blackout to your city this summer!

Expand Your Business Opportunities

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