Solve the Last Secret of Albert Einstein.

The Story

Albert Einstein died in 1955. What nobody expected was that the genius scientist hid a powerful artifact in a mysterious box. Since he wanted his secret to be found by worthy adventurers after his death, he placed clues all over the world. To this day, no-one has succeeded in finding the secret. But that will change with a single packing slip and a mysterious delivery.


Possible Applications:
Individual Events | Bachelor Parties | School Classes | Gamification

Amount of Players:

EN (more languages in progress)

Playing Time:
1-2 Hours

Outdoor Escape Game

Expand your range with our exciting and versatile augmented reality Outdoor Escape Game.

Captivating Story

In The Last Secret, players slip into the role of adventurers and solve tricky puzzles with the most modern tools.

Highly Immersive

With sophisticated puzzles and a new way to navigate, players will experience an unprecedented intensity of play.

ActionPacks With
Unique Gadgets

With Cluetivity, you will stand out from the competition and offer your customers a truly unique gaming experience – guaranteed! The exclusive ‘The Last Secret’ ActionPack gives your missions that extra kick.

The ActionPack is specially designed in the style of the game and includes historical photos and newspapers, a sock, an audio transmitter and more. In addition: Various patterns that players must scan with the iPad to solve exciting augmented reality puzzles.

Adapt It to Your Needs


Thanks to our pre-built missions and our easy-to-use online tool, you’ll have ‘The Last Secret’ up and running in no time at all for hundreds of players in your location. 


Corporate customers often expect individual, customized experiences. Whether it’s the location, company-specific content, or language, Cluetivity makes it easy to customize ‘The Last Secret’.


You don’t need any programming skills to use our online building set. With just a few clicks, you can add a route, place tasks on the map and edit text and images.


Choose from different types of puzzles such as location-based puzzles, multiple-choice and ActionPack puzzles as well as various mini-games and augmented reality puzzles.


Once set up, ‘The Last Secret’ works without additional staff to supervise the groups during the game.

Always the Perfect Solution

Digital Treasure Hunt for Birthdays, Family Trips and Sightseeing

Whether it be a class trip, a children’s birthday party or a city exploration tour, our Outdoor Escape Games fit perfectly to leisure activities and events with children. Games such as ‘The Last Secret’ can be used by a young target group as well as escape room newcomers. Thanks to the customization options, you can create playful tours, historical tours, wine tours, pub crawls and much more in no time at all.

Outdoor Escape Games for Bachelor Parties

More and more often, brides and grooms book an escape room or an outdoor escape game with their friends. Especially in the warm months, the demand for outdoor activities increases. With Cluetivity, you can offer them extraordinary city tours. Of course, you can add fun and event-appropriate experiences to the routes – for example, a pub crawl, a liquor tasting or a wine tasting.

Outdoor Escape Games for Team Building

Imagine if you could host team building events for 2,000 and more participants. Sounds good, right? With Cluetivity, it’s no problem! Our Outdoor Escape Games are the perfect fit for company parties, employee incentives and other B2B events. As a mix of Escape Room, classic treasure hunt and modern augmented reality technology, our games promote the sense of unity within the team.

Gamification with Custom Games

With Cluetivity, you can create your own gamification applications – without any programming knowledge. Gamification makes training and onboarding processes more effective because participants absorb the information they are given more easily. Product presentations can be designed as immersive experiences that turn viewers into participants. In addition, you can turn traditional guided tours into interactive tours in which your guests interact with their surroundings in a playful way.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our gamification features.

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