The Rise of Virtual Team Building

Boost Morale and Efficiency of Your Remote Teams.

How Does It Work?

They say teamwork makes the dreamwork, but that’s not always so easy to achieve if your employees work remotely. If you’re looking to increase your team’s efficiency and motivation, we have the solution. Escape from reality and immerse your team into our Remote Escape Game – a game designed to promote team building and communication for employees who work remotely, all whilst being fun. As agents in the secret organisation W.I.S.E. they have to solve their first case. The research company SpiderTech has already infected 20% of the population with a virus for mind control. Your task: Stop SpiderTech, find an antidote and save humanity!

Remote | Outdoor | Indoor

Possible Applications:
Remote Team Building

Amount of Players:

DE | EN | ES | FR | IT | NL

Playing Time:
1-2 Hours

Remote Team Building

Organize corporate events where 2,000 players and more enjoy themselves remotely, while boosting their morale and improve their communication skills.


Each player has access to a limited amount of information. So, in order to solve the puzzles, the players must share the information they have. Only as a team, they can succeed.

For any Industry

Any company from any industry can
benefit from remote escape games. Operation Mindfall inspires teams to use their logic, collaborate and strengthen their team spirit.


Why Virtual Team Building Games?

Remote teams often face a unique set of challenges. There is a lack of social interactions between colleagues. As a result, employee’s identity within the company and their performance suffer. If you want to increase the efficiency and motivation of your team, we have the solution. Remote team building games promote communication between employees working from home, strengthen skills such as logical thinking, and most importantly, are fun! They can even be adapted to many specific requirements and can add that little something extra to your team’s day-to-day schedule.

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