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‘Tis The Season: How Escape Rooms can Improve Sales During Christmas

by | Oct 23, 2019

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December is, unsurprisingly, a hectic time for a lot of people. However, very few escape rooms, lasertag and paintball companies, and event agencies use the full potential of the festive season. Even if they’re still receiving bookings at a steady rate, there are still a few ways for these companies to maximise their profits. Read ahead to discover 5 ways escape rooms can improve their sales during Christmas time.

1. Seasonal extras for Christmas in escape rooms

Ah, the holidays. Everywhere smells of mulled wine, gingerbread and Stollen. Some people around the world bask in the sun, whilst others are surviving the miserable weather listening to “Last Christmas” on the radio… for the seventh time in one day. Welcome back, December.

From a marketing point-of-view, however, November and December offer an incredible number of possibilities – whether you work for an escape room, a laser tag business, or an events management company. With seasonal events such as Christmas and Hanukkah around the corner, why not offer festive deals for families, groups, and companies?

A complimentary mulled wine loosens the mood when your customers arrive, and it’s also fairly cost-effective. In larger locations and companies where food options are available, now’s your chance to offer a Christmas menu that ties in with your escape room.

When companies want to host their office Christmas parties, Escape Rooms quickly reach their limits.

Everyone also loves a raffle or a tombola, particularly a festive themed one. Consider tying free raffle entry into your holiday package or offering fantastic prizes that will entice users into booking with you.

Space restrictions mean that holiday specials in indoor venues are often a bit harder to implement – especially when, for example, people are looking to organise their office party. Offering the following add-ons and seasonal deals are a great way to add a festive touch without worrying about using space that you don’t have!

2. From HR to Finance – an outdoor game for all the office!

As mentioned, a lot of companies will be looking to book a team event for their end-of-year office party. A unique alternative to an indoor meal is a fast-paced outdoor activity; a city-wide scavenger hunt being a perfect example!

Traditionally, office parties can be a bit stiff, and the main talking point of the evening is about what everyone has been doing at work. However, a scavenger hunt can liven up the event and provide a conversation piece for the entire evening.

Operation Mindfall extends the experience of a scavenger hunt, combining the best of challenging puzzles and modern AR technology. Guided by an iPad, players must explore their local area to solve exciting tasks and head-scratching riddles.

However, there’s a catch. The inclusion of technology is not just a ‘means-to-an-end’, but instead, an immersive part of the outdoor escape game. From scanning objects, to finding certain clues on local landmarks, players are engaged in a fantasy world whilst trailblazing through the streets – all thanks to augmented reality.

The game’s route can be modified to fit your local area – even down to specific requirements your clients might have. With game times lasting between an hour to an hour and a half, it doesn’t matter if 20 or 2,000 people participate. Everyone can play at the same time!

Even more conveniently, you can plan your client’s game to end at the venue where they’ll continue the office party. Cluetivity works for all business types, and acts as the perfect add-on for all sorts of companies.

We are happy to help you!

3. Offer some festive delicacies

Mince pies and milk aren’t just for Santa…

When players arrive at your Christmas-themed escape room, it takes a while for the festive feeling to kick in. Help them to bridge the gap by offering seasonal drinks and treats.

There’s no better feeling in winter than sitting together with friends and sipping on a hot chocolate! Your customers will be grateful for the option, especially during larger team events. It’ll make those inevitable waiting times fly by!

But remember, you may need a special license to sell food and alcoholic beverages.

4. Give your digital presence a seasonal skin

Festive presentation doesn’t end at gift-wrapping. Consider adding and updating the landing pages on your digital profiles and website for the holiday season. There’s nothing worse than missing out on maximising your seasonal sales by not promoting your prices and services throughout December.

An expert tip is to write a little more about each individual offer, rather than too little. Realistically, your visitors are likely going to be people who are interested in your services, and they’ll want to feel fully informed. If you decided to take our advice on tip #3, then definitely mention it on your website!

Your Christmas packages deserve their own landing page.

You should also update your social media channels to reflect the time of year. A wintery header image and, every now and then, a festive post will fuel your customer’s desire to visit your business throughout the holiday season.

5. Remind your customers that time is running out!

A classic trick is to press urgency on your customers. Phrases such as “Only While Stocks Last” and “Order Now for On-Time Delivery” have been helping businesspeople to boost their short-term sales for decades. And at Christmas, escape rooms are usually really very busy.

Limited stocks and urgency are adopted in many marketing campaigns to increase user engagement. You too can take advantage of this psychological trick without any expert training. Everyone has an inherent fear of missing out, and if you press just enough urgency on your seasonal deals, your target consumers be far more likely to book faster. An example of how a company subtly presses urgency might look similar to this:

Example for urgency

However, you should only use this remedy if it is really appropriate. For example, aggressively retargeting customers or having a scarce amount of availability can be daunting and, sometimes, inauthentic.

Instead, use a Call to Action (CTA) to alert your customers that they only have limited time to book. In principle, a CTA is nothing more than a button or a notification with a statement such as “Access Now” or “Only a Few Places Left”. You decide where it fits best on your site – but make sure it’s in a place that your customers will have their eyes drawn to!

Did you find a suitable tip for your company? Be sure to share our post and give us some feedback in the comments!

If you want to know more about how you can maximise your holiday profits with one of Cluetivity’s games, feel free to get in touch with us below.

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